During the past 20 years, the son has continuing father's career to manage teaching material service for every junior and senior high school in Chaiyi city and county.
The compnay has gradually become well-known by following fahter's San Fu Bookstore concept which has reasonale price and being available anytime.
We become friends with teachers durnig the cooperation, everytime when we saw chalk dust on their faces after school and complain about eating dust, then we come up with an idea of non-dust eco friendly equipment for classroom. Besides, as a father of three daughters, I particular care about their education environment and I feel sorry that they always change classroom because of learning in classroom with bad environment condition.
Therefore, as a citizen of this planet, I care environmental issue the most.
This is how Jiou-Da established. Although it is difficult to start a new business, the dream of put non-dust environment classroom into practice would never change.
This is a new place which love this planet and care about friends, sons and daughters. Jiou-Da looking forward to become an important part of improving environment. Providing a safer, healthier learning environment. We wish Jiou-Da can devote itself for earth as a gardener for planet environmental issue.

Safe and non-toxic

Dust, chalk dust, these are the main reason make the PM2.5 in classroom over regular amount. Only by using water type board eraser can avoid this PM2.5 problem. There are 5 characteristics of Jiou-Da compnay'e echo-friendly education product, so far we only promote these product to basic educational environment or conference room, let's see what are these 5 characteristics!
1. Whole collection are non-toxic, even safe for baby.
2. Wipe with water will not cause any chlk dust.
3. The design of related products are friendly to user's using habit.
4. The production technology of board surface coating has the longest service life, high hardness, low reflection after wiped with water.
5. Jiou-Da has overcome the traditional blackboard problem such as heavy and difficult to move by our echo-friendly magnetic black or white board, it's light weight and very convenient.



A continuous production line.
There is a professional clean room in the factory for producing blackboard.
Quickly finish the production of each order by various machines.
There is an anti-fake proof logo on the back of our product.
Make sure your purchase is safe and no fake product.




Jiou-Da takes social responsibility, our product such as blackboard, whiteboard and related products have proved eight heavy metal test and hardness test. It is verifiable to use and non-toxic. For your interests, please paste the certification logo around the board after you buy and install the product. This certification logo is a guarantee for the product you purchase.

Professional Certification


Jiou-Da professional declaration.
Product has been proved by SGS detection over 24 times. You can use it safely.
Applying certification from each country's patent.
Please contact company to request proved report.

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