Blackboard for liquid chalk (41.5×56.5)cm

Product introduction

Blackboard for liquid chalk (41.5×56.5)cm

Price : $1,040

Product number: S34

Dimension: 41.5 cm *56.5 cm


■ Eco-friendly non-refelction material is stong enough to use.

■ Low glare to reduce tiredness of user’s eye.

■ Using natural material as no pollution environment.

■ A sticky part of acrylic board or any smooth surface.

■ The special coating on the surface is strong enough to against scratch and dirt and easy to write.

1.The back glue is for one time use only.
2.You can wipe it with wet cloth when there is a problem with writing on the board.
3.The surface of board contain iron to suck any thing with magnetic.

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