Echo-friendly replaceable paster 41.5x56.5cm

Product introduction

Echo-friendly replaceable paster 41.5x56.5cm

Price : $1,200

Product number: S32

Dimension: 41.5 cm *56.5 cm


■ Non-toxic, echo-friendly, non-refection.

■ The back glue is non-traced glue tape which can wash for multiple times.

■ It can paste on surface of any material and it is also reusable, easy to carry.

■ Suitable material would be glass, tile, stainless steal plate and PVC plate.

■ A sticky part of acrylic board or any smooth surface.

■ You will no longer use nail, pin, or double-sided tape. It’s echo-friendly and nice looking.

1.Can be washed for multiple times.
2.Can directly write on the project screen without any residue.
3.The iron material inside can absord any thing with magnetic.
Please peel off the adhesive!

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