Liquid type chalk for 9 colors

Product introduction

Liquid type chalk for 9 colors

Price : $1,080

Product number:

Dimension: 15 cm


■ P01 Red /P02 Yellow /P03 White/P04 Blue/P11 Orange/P12 Green/P13 Purple/P18 Dark red/P19 Dark blue

■ An echo friendly product which will not cause tiny chalk dust and become more rich color and delicate by nano technology.

■ Can write on any non-water absorb surface blackboard or metal blackboard.

■ It’s still easy to clean even after written for a long time.

■ Alcohol type ink can repeatable refill without changing pen body has amazing writing length.

■ Long distance writing can be 3 to 4 times more than normal whiteboard pen point.

Even open the pen cap for 8 o 9 hours, the ink can still keep for long time without leaking issue when changing the pen point.

■ With many color can solve the problem of white board’s color issue.

■ Suitable for glass surface to use.

★For first time using please shake it until steel ball sound appeared and slightly press pen point about 30 seconds until the ink flow to the point of pen end.
★After changing the pen point or refill the ink, please slightly squeeze the pen point to exhaust the air. The purpose is to exhaust the air for avoiding air issue causing ink spread out.
Jiou-Da liquid water chalk’s color: Red / Yellow / White / Blue / Orange / Green / Purple / Dark blue / Dark red.
It is clear to see even write on glass.
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