Refill type whiteboard marker (single)

Product introduction

Refill type whiteboard marker (single)

Price : $120

Product number:E01-04

Dimension:15 cm


■ E01 Red /E02 Black /E03 Green /E04 Blue

■ Through changing refill and ink can use it permanent.

■ The amazing written length comes from alcohol type ink.

■ It’s still easy to clean even after written for a long time.

■ Alcohol type ink can repeatable refill without changing pen body has amazing writing length.

■ Long distance writing can be 3 to 4 times more than normal whiteboard pen point.

■ Even open the pen cap for 8 o 9 hours, the ink can still keep for long time without leaking issue when changing the pen point.

■ We have been proved by CE ISO 9001 SGS testing.

★We suggest to shake it before use it.

★Please push the pen point for 30 seconds when the ink flow down to the point, please start to use it.

★When changing the pen point or refill the ink, please slightly squeeze the pen point to push out the air. The purpose is to release the air for avoiding ink spread out.

There are 4 kinds of colors like red, blue, green, black for Jiou-Da liquid white board marker.
It become more useful after improve the quality
Do you feel the color of whiteboard pen is too few?
Liquid water chalk P12 green / p01 red / p04 blue / p11 orange / p13 purple  The color effect on whiteboard can be very rich.
The user who likes to put rich color on white and black board.
Jiou-Da liquid type chalk can satisfy your requirement.
We have echo-friendly certification~

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