Water soluble carry bag

Product introduction

Water soluble carry bag

Price : $218

Product number: S19

Dimension: /


■ A kit bag include water soluble chalk x 1+pen cap x 3 + eraser x 1

■ A non-toxic product which will not cause tiny chalk dust can extend electronic device service life time and reduce air condition fee.

■ Life of electronic devices, and can reduce air-conditioning use fee.

■ Can write on any non-water absorb surface blackboard or metal blackboard.

■ The internaional proved new concept water solube chalk can wipe with water without dust problem and also can write on wet surface

■ A 100% natural marteial hard chalk is easy to wrtite with bright color.

■ Echo-friendly non-toxic dust is longer than reqular chalk 5 to 8 times

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