Water soluble chalk ( 7 pcs / box ) with pen cap

Product introduction

Water soluble chalk ( 7 pcs / box ) with pen cap

Price :$450

Product number : F15

Dimension:   7 pcs / box


■ A non-toxic product which will not cause tiny chalk dust can extend electronic device service life time and reduce air condition fee.

■ Can write on any non-water absorb surface blackboard or metal blackboard.

■ An international recognition concept water soluble chalk can wipe with eraser cloth without dust issue and easy to write on water device surface.

■ A hard texture chalk is 100% natural material not easy to break and easy to use in any kind of condition.

■ Echo friendly non-dust is cheaper 5 to 8 times than regular chalk.

■ The composition of main material are natural grease and has been test by SGS.

※It is not suitable for blackboard surface, traditional surface.

Seven different color make the picture more rich
With the free pen cap to use can prevent hand gets dirty.
※This type of chalk is suitable with flexible chalk cap, hexagon chalk cap and spiral pen cap.

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